SpiritHeart - Lynne Newman - Rainbow Dancer
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I sit and watch summer fade away
On this perfectly beautiful Saturday.
And witness the leaves start to fall from the trees
Floating on air, on the gentlest breeze.

As the wind carries leaves
Down toward the ground,
There's a kind of hush...
A soft whispery sound.

And colors change from green
To hues of orange, red and gold
Creating a grand tapestry
Of beauty to behold!

No matter how many years I live,
Experiencing wonders big and small,
My senses will always remember
The glorious arrival of
The season known as Fall!

Lynne Newman
September 16, 2017

SpiritHeart - Lynne Newman - Rainbow Dancer

We gathered there together,
And asked each stone to come,
Creating our fire circle,
To the beating of the drum.

One by one we chose them,
And placed them on the ground
Then built a fire in the circle,
There on holy ground.

We gathered and we chanted,
Beneath the evening sky
And fanned the fire into flames
In the dark and starry night.

Together there, we gathered,
In the brilliance of the light,
As each held the Talking stick,
Then passed it on to the person
on their right.

Around the fire we shared our stories,
Our visions, dreams, concerns,
And sat together, mesmerized,
As we watch the fire burn.

We sang a song for Mother Earth,
A love song for all of life,
And the love was echoed back to us
As a blessing from the night.

The passing of the Talking stick,
Created golden chords,
Connecting us, heart to heart,
With the flowing of our words.

Integrity and Oneness,
Equality and Love,
Brought us all together,
'Neath the starry sky above.

We cast into the fire,
Old thoughts and old beliefs,
That we no longer needed,
And danced, on crisp, dry leaves.

A dance of sweet forgiveness,
Of letting go of pain,
We danced with such deep passion,
That we evoked the rain.

In gratitude we held hands
Our hearts were filled with grace,
And the water fell and blessed us
Raining kisses on our face.

The Golden cord expanded,
Connecting us with Light,
As we expressed our gratitude
For the Circle of that night.

The dance continued on,
Sacred fire time now was done,
As night became the morning,
And we celebrated Sun.

Lynne Newman
October 26, 2016
 When Grandfather Speaks


We've been waiting for your coming

   and created healing space,
while we imagined our world,
   as a free and loving place.
The angels hold you gently,
   as you take your place on earth,
and your rainbow aura glows,
   as we celebrate your birth.
Your presence here, so welcome,
   your wisdom so profound;
you've come to share your message.
   In joy, we gather 'round.
May you feel the holy Presence
   of God's angels by your side.
May you feel accepted,
   and no longer need to hide.
May we free ourselves from judgment,
   May our hearts be opened wide,
and may the peace and love you bring to Earth,
   become our way of life!
Welcome little ones - you are so loved.
Lynne Newman
 Children of the New Earth


Images flowed in the dark night,
of humanity, of all living things,
and of the purging and clearing
now taking place on multidimensional levels.

Pictures, flowing, faster now,
revealing the deep well of experiences
and the roads humanity has taken
in the journey and the evolution of souls.

The energy vibration quickens and
the alchemist appears, tending, mixing,
blending the experiences of souls
into patterns now unfolding.

From pain and suffering flows compassion,
bitterness transformed to sweet forgiveness,
darkness now transformed to light,
and the potency of love expands the space of heart.

Old hurts and wounds now washed away by healing grace;
pain replaced by hope and inspiration;
judgment transmuted deep within the well
as we face our shadows and love them into healing.

Fear no longer rules!

The Alchemist aligns more deeply now with God,
the bubbling brew of transformation,
enlightens the once murky shadows in sparkling light,
as hearts open to remember their missions of love.

Lynne Newman

Merlin and Owl



I awaken to the morning breeze
and savor the fragrance it brings
as trees bend and whisper I look up
beholding gossamer wings.
A task long awaited is completed this day
I raise my eyes toward Heaven; 
I breathe, I open, sigh;
as tears flow, they fall....I cry.
My release is acknowledged 
as I open my eyes now to see
the whispy soft angel butterfly
flying directly toward me.
Oh God, my heart is open wide,
as I remember long ago,
you sent the white butterfly
as a sign that I would grown
In Medicine Wheel on Vision Quest,
the butterfly came to rest
in the center of the circle,
and then upon my breast. 
In silence and in awe,
I clearly heard your voice
and knew that in the moment
I could make a loving choice.
I chose in that moment,
to make a vow to live
as butterfly opened me
I knew that I would give.
I'd give the love within me,
that was my silent vow,
I'd be the love you so desired
in this moment now.
Butterfly you came to me,
into my sacred space,
God's messenger of love...
touched me, this day, with Grace.
Lynne Newman
Writings Copyright © 2018 2017, Lynne Newman