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Welcome to the SPRING 2015
Spirit Heart Newsletter!

Spring is just around the bend, and many are awaiting it's arrival after a very intense winter. Visions of colorful flowers, planting gardens, and time out doors, leave us restless and hopeful. And yet for some, springtime is a time of stress as the inward time of winter wanes and expectations of Spring and summer flow forward. How do you anticipate spring? Have you been hibernating or have you found ways to be out in the world despite the severe snow storms, winter ailments, and obligations?

I have a reverence for each season, and the beauty and challenges that they bring. I eagerly look forward to each one, as a precious gift, and each as a learning experience in the sacred flow of life. How do you experience change? Do you flow with the rhythm of life?

There is a rumbling happening no ... a deep desire for the creation of a new world...a world of peace, harmony, abundance, prosperity, and joy. Each of us can assist in the creation as more and more souls awaken to their sacred responsibility of healing themselves, and how this affects all.

At this powerful time of change throughout the Universe, we are reminded of the need to be flexible and open to change. We are given opportunities to create change within our lives, within our innermost selves, knowing that we affect the collective as we let go of the old, and welcome in the new.

Each day I am aware of loving kindness, forgiveness, opportunity for giving with an open heart to myself, and to others through the connection of the Divine energy that flows within my heart and spirit.

Many blessings to all as we walk together, into new territory, to create the world in which we wish to live.

With love and gratitude,





Greetings Beloved Ones. We come in direct response to the calling we hear from your hearts as the energy for change continues to intensify as it clears away the old, making way for the new. Deep within your spirits you agreed to come to Earth at this time in order to add your light to the Collective, to raise the vibration, in synchronization with the celestial activities, working together to move from a third dimensional life, into that of the fifth dimension. As the song said so very long ago, "This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius," where prosperity, harmony and understanding will be the way. Each of you expressed a desire before coming to Earth, to be a part of the change. You've come to understand that change must come from within, and began to open to new ways...to letting go of the old ... and to loving yourselves better than before. Your hearts are opening, and combined with your intuitive senses, are guiding you through doors to new adventures, new understanding, new acceptance of your gifts and capabilities, and a reawakening to your interconnectedness with all life.

We understand that at times it feels as though you are going nowhere... that you are making no progress, and we flow love to you as we witness the fluctuations in your energy levels and how you, at times judge yourselves harshly. We encourage you now, to honor the rhythms of your body, mind and spirit, as you learn to work with the energies that are preparing you in making the changes necessary to help you acclimate to Fifth dimensional life. You may be called upon to change patterns of eating, resting, working and playing, and to focus on some periods of stillness every day. Heed the calling of your hearts and spirits ... your inner knowing ... as your higher self guides you to new ways of caring for yourself. As you do, your energy vibration rises, and as it does, the collective energy vibration rises, bringing in the vibration needed for complete transformation of the Universe. You may also be called upon to witness the exposure of corruption, misuse of power and many untruths taught to you in your years here on Earth. The revelations may be shocking to you, but truth does, indeed set you free from the bondage created by those who desire to control you and every aspect of your life.

You may be called to open up to the truth that there is other life in the Universe, and that contact will bring us opportunities for new technologies, new relationships, reunions with those we knew from past lifetimes and other dimensions, and so much more. Sacred family is reuniting now. Be aware of the feeling of knowing someone you've just met. Soul recognition is powerful and the reunions are joyful for so many. Your gifts may be emerging as you remember your abilities of psychic knowing, telepathy, clairvoyance, communicating with the unseen world, and so much more. 

Love yourselves welloved souls, as we love you, and honor your willingness to be here at this powerful time of opportunity for change and evolution of yourselves and the creation of the world in which you wish to live.

We walk with you, celebrating you, honoring you and loving you, always,  for volunteering to BE HERE NOW! We are One VoiceOne Heart!



May we hold all those who are suffering, gently in our hearts. May the love reach deep within the core of all those in pain, as they find their way through all that they are dealing with. May a warm flow of compassion assist in the healing of all suffering and pain, and may each person feel the energy of loving hearts, who care. May a connection to a Higher Power sustain those in fear, and grief, and may hope and self-nurture be the way of healing all wounds ... on all levels ... emotional, psychological, physical, spiritual. May you feel the love of your Angels and Guides, and may they comfort you as you restore and replenish your energy and commitment to healing. We thank you for prayers heard and answered, with gratitude and love.


Middletown, NY

Tuesday evening, April 28, 2015
6:45 - 8:30 p.m.
Facilitated by: Lynne Newman, MPS
Spiritual Counselor, Healer

Contact: SpiritHeart222@yahoo.com
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-One Voice~One Heart Ascension Circle of Light
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