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Channelings from One Voice~One Heart

One Voice~One Heart Readings by Lynne Newman - Rainbow Dancer

Creating Together

"We come in direct relation to the calling we hear in your hearts for reassurance and truth about all that is happening on Earth and in the Heavens in preparation for the long awaited transitions and transformations in our Universe. 

We witnessed the outpouring of love for the sentient being known as Earth, and we have also witnessed a reawakening of the  sense of responsibility for her healing and her evolution as you continue on the path to your own.

More and more, you are understanding the interconnectedness of all life, and that understanding is leading you to step into your responsibilities in new ways. No longer are you satisfied with the answers given by those in power! 

No longer are you content to sit and wait for things to happen! Rather, you are creating the changes as part of a community of responsible citizens by healing that in your own lives which needs healing and by assisting others to do the same.

More and more of you are understanding the principles of "Ayni," or of giving and receiving and how the flow is abundant when we move from fear into action. More and more are focusing on letting go of old grudges and old wounds, in order to stand strong in the now. 

Day by day, old structures of dysfunctional and illegal operations are being exposed and more and more people are publically confessing to their transgressions as the energies no longer support secrecy, dishonesty, and illegality in the ways that they've been supported before.

Indeed, you are creating an energy of healing, through the expansion of the heart, the desire to live in truth and love. Even when you least feel the increasing upliftment of the energy vibrations around you, rest assured that change and healing is happening! 

When you feel fear, go into your heart center and consciously open the flow. Feel it flow through you, beloved souls, and then expand it to reach out in a golden glow of light, to all ... to every living thing.

Connect your heart with those living things that are of the highest vibration; the whales, the dolphins, the other creatures who have chosen to come, as you have, at this remarkable time in the evolution of the Universe.

Open your hearts to places and situations that are yet in darkness, for as we discussed before, critical mass has been reached, and with your light, the remainder of those who have not yet discovered their glow, will be ignited by your love. 

In gratitude and joyful anticipation, we stand ready to assist as we walk together towards the complete awakening you've cried for. Together we will create the envisioned world of universal peace."

We are One Voice~One Heart

Flowers Flowers

From Merlin

Ah, Souls! A transition of the highest order is taking place around and within you, which is one and the same in your interconnectedness with all life! At times it feels as though things are spinning out of control, and many of you are feeling the inner energy surges as they pass through and around you.

Don't be alarmed! And there is no need for arming yourselves with old devices of protection. Rather, you are being asked to purge and complete old cycles from this and past lives ... to allow yourselves to be open and vulnerable.

Yes, indeed! This means taking risks and trusting that you will prevail, no matter what the circumstances.

This cycle of completion and rebirth does have its challenges, as we in this plain of existence hear and witness your cries for restorative sleep, freedom from fear and anxiety and release from what you consider burdens that include physical, emotional, spiritual and financial bondage, along with many other situations which you define as such. You become afraid and think of yourselves as helpless.

Oh, if you could see yourselves from our vantage point, you'd understand the courage and strength and commitment it took to come and participate at this point in the universal evolution now unfolding!

We witnessed your courage as day after day you look both inward and outward, taking responsibility for that which you can change and adding light to situations that are yet dark and difficult.

Day by day, as you focus upon balancing your selves, helping others to do the same, you are assisting mightily in the transformation that you collectively seek. Nurture and nourish yourself as well, strong souls, for your missions are yet unfolding as we speak.

Be aware of the changes occurring in your DNA, and your chakra system, and your ability to activate all your senses to 5th dimensional levels and beyond!

During this next while you'll notice your abilities to see beyond what seen, knowing that something is real even if you can't see it with your eyes, to transform what needs transforming, alchemically, so that your vibration rises and all you're inherent gifts further  awaken. Together we walk forward with a sense of grounded anticipation.

As we always say to you, we are working together to weave the proverbial straw into the Golden Era of long-awaited Peace. See and AWAKEN to the potent possibilities! 

I AM MERLIN, bowing to you in humble gratitude for who you are and all you do in this magnificent universe.

Walk in Peace this day, and feel your world change.

Many Blessings.

We Are One Voice ~ One Heart



"Beloved Ones, so many transitions are being made at this moment in time, and we see that your caring for each other runs deep. 

We come this day to encourage you to be mindful of your words and your intentions when offering assistance to others. 

Compassion is a powerful and heartfelt gift. It is a flow of energy of love from your heart to that of another, and of silent communication is all that is needed. 

Compassion is a deep awareness of the suffering of another, beloved ones. Your hearts respond in tenderness.  If you could all see the energy fields around one another, you'd notice the expansion of the energy in the heart center when compassion flows and when it is received.

The heart space literally expands, and the energy fields of both parties move toward each other. 

When you empathize with another you identify with what they are experiencing, usually because you have, in this lifetime or another, experienced a similar situation or feelings.

An example of this is empathizing with another over their loss. When you sympathize with another, you share in the troubles or sorrows that they are experiencing. 

Commiseration is the expression of your sorrow over another's situation or experience. When you commiserate another person feels heard and validated.

Each of you seeks validation and acceptance and understand beloved ones, and you are there for each other in so many ways.  

When you support each other through loss, suffering, illness and other experiences that bring deep feelings, your aura glows with light.

We encourage you to begin by allowing God and the Divine Mother to hold you close.

You can close your eyes and imagine the Divine Mother standing before you. She looks lovingly into your eyes, deep into your soul. You feel the compassion, empathy and deep love flow, for it is an energy that is powerful and healing. 

She gently takes your cheeks in her soft warm hands, and holds them as a mother holds the face of her beloved child. Her gaze never leaves you, and the love is communicated with her heart, through her eyes, which continue to look deep within your soul.

Can you open to this love and receive beloved ones?  Can you look back with love and compassion for the suffering that she experienced?

Are you able to feel how her losses and her wounds and pain made her the compassionate, open hearted soul that she is? Ah beloveds, the Divine Mother now places a hand over your heart centers and the infusion of rose pink light begins.

It permeates your weary hearts, and travels deep down into the lungs, where we hold the energy of grief.

We are all grieving within, throughout the Universe, beloved ones! And the rose pink light of the Divine Mother infuses the wounded spaces with such deep love.

Breathe in the love, and breathe out the sorrow and suffering. Allow the energy to shift to deep compassion for yourself, and when it does, you are able to share it with others.

Love yourselves abundantly beloved ones, and open your heart to Grace. The flow, the ever expanding flow of love and the opening of your hearts continue.

We walk with you always by your sides, and hold you always within our hearts. You are gifts to one another, and to the energy that creates and sustains the web of love. 

We bow to you in gratitude, respect and love."

We Are One Voice ~ One Heart


Healing and Joyful Service

"Beloved Ones, 

We come in direct relation to the calling we hear in your heart as your winter deepens and the time of going inward intensifies.  We encourage your taking time to deeply listen to the sounding within your heart that calls you to honor the needs of your mind, body and spirit at this time. 

We have felt your fear intensify as the economy and your lives continue to change. We feel deep compassion for the suffering created by economic changes which have threatened your sense of safety in the world.  We have witnessed your grief over the catastrophic loss of lives due to natural disasters on Earth.

We witness the intensifying of addictions and of anxiety in response to these, and we understand the feelings that course through you as your fear escalates and the cycle continues.

We come this day to offer comfort and solace, and also to remind you how vital your light is at this moment in time. 

When you feel sorrow, let it flow through you, and give yourselves the gift of compassion. When you feel anxious, breathe deeply into your belly that you might feel the healing in full breath and energy exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen. When you feel angry, express it healthy ways, beloved ones, and then let go. 

Restore your focus on expanding your heart that it might open in love, and the resulting creation of light! 

When old feelings and responses from the past resurface, they afford you opportunities to become free on levels deep and complete. Face them, seek help if needed, and walk with clarity into the freedom that you've been seeking for so long.  It is vital that you learn to be compassionate with yourself if you are suffering. It is vital that you hold yourselves with respect and honor your feelings and your courage in allowing the old to surface for deeper healing than ever before.

You can make a conscious decision by declaring out loud, "I willingly face my past and love myself into healing!  I let go of all that no longer serves my highest good!  I live in the current moment, opening my heart to myself and to all life."  As you let go, there is space to be filled with joy and a deepened spiritual connection. Fear can not live where love resides.

You are in preparation for changes within and without.  Your DNA strands have been reconnection; your pineal gland is being activated as we speak in order to help you remember and use the gifts you hold within...gifts that will help you understand on deeper levels, the truth of who  you are, why you've come to Earth in this transcendent time, and which will help you step into your roles as World Servers. 

We see the longing within your hearts and spirits to do work that you love with the intent of service to the world and freedom from worry and fear about things of a financial nature. We encourage you to release the fear and begin to explore, with an open heart, what would bring you JOY. 

We encourage you not to hold back in this exploration and to use the creativity that is your gift. If you were to go to work every day and do something that brings you JOY, what would it look like? What would it feel like?  How would you offer it to others that they might also find a place of JOY?

There will soon be a time when this will be a reality for you!  You will delight in awakening each day, and preparing to go to "WORK!" Perhaps we'll have to help you find a new word that better expresses your doing service in a way that brings you JOY! We stand ready to do so. 

Beloved Ones, we honor your choice to be here and to add your light to the light flow that is intensifying, even when days seemed dark.  We encourage you to go within and to connect with the source of LOVE each day and fill the spaces within your heart, in order that you can continue to assist in the raising of your own vibration and that of our beloved Universe. 

We are family and we walk with you toward the Age of Aquarius that we've awaited for so long. With deepest respect, gratitude, and much love, we thank you. We hold you in a space of heart this day and forevermore. Many blessings!"

We are One Voice~One Heart


Opening to Giving and Receiving Love

"Every day we have the opportunity to offer compassion and light to others on the journey.

Many are suffering in our world today, and we, as compassionate individuals, are being called upon to assist on many levels. As we are called to service in this way, our fears can be ignited.

Perhaps our own finances have been depleted due to the struggling economy; perhaps we are already helping others and feel that we cannot extend ourselves any further; perhaps we are simply afraid of opening our hearts to give.

When we come to an understanding that God is our Source of abundance, and that we are the ones who cut ourselves off from the flow, a remarkable transformation occurs.

No longer is our energy depleted by fear and worry.

In fact, precious energy can then be used for creativity and as an expression of faith and trust.

Spend time in meditation and in activities that bring you joy. Let your heart open and your spirit dance!

Connect to Divine Source in this way, and know the deep abiding joy of sacred flow of abundance in all forms, and share your joyful abundance in ways that make your heart open with love.

May your days be focused on giving abundantly, on knowing how to receive with grace, and above all, opening to Love."

We are One Voice~One Heart



Thanksgiving Message

"Beloved Ones, we come this day in direct relation to the calling we hear in your hearts for reassurance during these ever-changing times.

Deep within your hearts is a cry for such reassurance as you feel yourselves tossed about and search for anchors to help you hold steady and stay above water during times of extraordinary movement in the Universe.

Plant your roots strong and deep beloved ones, deep down into Mother Earth, who welcomes you with love! Stay present in the moment and when you find yourself focusing on the past or the future, bring yourselves back to this moment, now.

Stay strong and centered in the knowledge that you have always been provided for, and this will continue to be so, even if it doesn't look or feel like the plan you've had for yourself.

When you feel your energy ebb and flow with that of the sun, the moon and stars, honor what your body, mind and spirit are calling for.

Stay focused on the positive and stay in the certainty that answers to your questions will come.

Find time for stillness and connection with nature this holiday season, and spend time in gratitude and generosity.

Open your hearts to one another in new ways, and offer what you can to those who struggle to survive. Give generously and feel your own flow change, as the energy of giving also creates the energy of receiving.

Feel your senses alive, your sensitivity grow, and your creativity inspired, as you find new ways to work in co-creation with your guides and angels for the highest good of all.

Stay rooted, grounded, and open to the possibilities for service and loving connections. Give generously of your heart, beloved ones!

In doing so the ripples created will bless our Universal family in all dimensions and add to the ever growing light. You are a sacred part of the Web of Love now enfolding the Universe, and your loving light is needed to keep it steady and bright.

It is with love that we wish you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING and remind you that we thank you for your contribution to the evolutionary process now at hand. We are One Voice~One Heart. Many blessings!"

We are One Voice~One Heart



Constructing the Future

"It is happening, beloved ones.

The walls are tumbling down, and with each brick that falls, you have a better view of what awaits you on the other side of the wall.

Do not be afraid to peer beyond what your eyes can currently see! Look deeply and ask the questions your hearts and spirits desire to ask.

Then get still and wait for the answers. You hold all that you need within you, and have access to Universal information at any moment in time.

In order to connect with the universal matrix, or as we prefer, the web of love you must be still, and you must be open to understanding that you are part of something so much bigger than yourself.

Things are not always what they seem to be and peering deep within ... beyond the walls can be life altering and profound. Fear not beloved ones! You are divinely held and protected as you wake up, step up, speak up and honor the calling of your spirit to create changes.

As you do so, you understand that you are part of a team of construction workers, rebuilding the world for a better tomorrow.

You are a vital and powerful part of the team, clearing away eons of debris and awakening the sparkling energies that will transform in ways you've yet to imagine.

Let your imaginations run wild as you strip away the layers! Envision the world, the Universe you so desire, and make it real.

Awaken to the wonder of a world without fear; a world without war, poverty, disease! See it! Feel it! Touch it! Embrace the possibilities and continue with the excavation process, and the clearing away of old debri of hatred, rage, old grudges and old bitterness.

Forgive yourself and others with all your heart and watch the light shine! Polish your spirits with love, and watch the radiance emerge! You are the surveyors, the architects, the builders of the future!

Your creativity and your conscious desire to replace the anguish and suffering of the past with a sense of well-being and joy will be transformative. Keep sifting through, and digging deep into your inner space and then create landscapes of love and renewed passion for life.

As you continue digging you'll find wisdom within... as you learn from the past and then discover the diamonds that reflect the potential for sparkle within your lives.

We walk with you, beloved ones, as you continue the work of clearing, and will dance with you in the space of what we've together created when all walls and barriers are down, and love becomes the only way of life.

Beloved Ones, as you go forward into your day, take moments throughout to honor yourselves and the energy you contribute to the creation of our new world.

What we can accomplish together is limitless, and your hard work, love and vision are the key to kingdom of freedom, love and joy.


We are One Voice~One Heart



Focus on the Positive

"Beloved Ones,

We come in direct relation to the call we hear from your hearts for encouragement, enlightenment, and healing. Your cries have been heard and the outpouring of support coming to you from the realms beyond your current seeing is magnificent and profound!

It is with deep respect and love that we gather around you, encouraging you to continue to deal with and heal old feelings and emotions, particularly in the areas of blame of yourself and others.

We encourage you to begin to understand, on deeper levels, the karmic contracts being played out, and the completion of these contracts as you go forward and heal all that needs healing within yourselves and your world.

The time has come to shed all ideas of separation and isolation, and to step more fully into the understanding of your place in the global community. No longer can you afford to focus on scarcity or lack in the areas of the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

No longer can you afford to focus on the rain!! Rather you must, in essence, see the entire Universe as a space of Light, and begin to envision the Light growing brighter and brighter ... burning off all that is not of the Light ... breathing in deeply, of the Light ... and sighing out and releasing all the stagnant, negative energy within.

Witness the brilliant colors of the summer flowers, and the uniqueness of each petal ... savor and take in their energy vibrations which in turn, raises your own. Spend time outdoors as you can and listen to the messages in the wind, the rushing waters; yes, even in the torrential rains.

Hear the calling of the wingeds, and the animals in the wild and listen to the messages they bring as you witness their behaviors and habits.

Get still and ground yourself to the Earth, in gratitude for all that is real and meaningful in your life, and give generously and abundantly to other living things. In doing so you create a flow of abundance for yourself and for all life.

Focus on the positive, beloved ones, on all the possibilities that flow when you are in an open state, and take action, rather than complaining about the actions of others.

No longer can you afford to be an observer, for it is time for you to do what your heart and spirit call you to do as a contribution to our ever changing Universe.

We see the changes happening within you, even when you feel that you are standing still, and encourage you to listen to the calling of your heart, moment by moment.

This moment is the one that matters, beloved ones, and in this moment you can choose whether to continue ruminating on what is wrong, or you can take action and make this moment one of beauty and compassionate understanding as you create the changes that you desire.

We hold you in the space of love, this day and evermore and have deep, abiding faith in your ability to love."

We are One Voice~One Heart



"Beloved Ones,

We come in direct relation to the calling we hear in your hearts for deeper understanding of the essence of love.

For eons humankind has been stuck in the linear, in the over use of the mind, trying to understand life by thinking.

We come this day to remind you of the power of your heart, of your intuitive heart and soul. Day by day the energy vibration is raising as more and more of you remember the glory and the freedom of the expansive heart.

There is an expression, "those who act the least loveable, are in need of the most love," and this is indeed so. We speak to you from our hearts, that yours might hear and listen, and open in understanding and in love.

HeartOh, beloved ones! Can you envision someone who has hurt you, and whom you've judged, standing before you? Can you feel your heart beat in your chest, as old feelings of unforgiveness rise up? What does it feel like? How does your body feel?

How does your spirit feel? What are these old feelings doing to your body, mind and spirit? Can you now, consciously, open your heart and allow the love within you ... indeed, the true, authentic love that you are, to flow forward from your heart...to this other person, this soul that stand before you?

Can you feel this soul, who is also love, receive the energy?

In love we come to you this day, to remind you of the infinite opportunities available for you to be the love that you are.

Ask your heart to guide you this day, and in all the days that follow, in your decision making, in your relationship with the Divine, with yourself, and in your interactions with all other souls. Feel the love flow in the expansion of your heart.

Our beloved siblings, the whales and dolphins create a circle around you. One whale soul swims before you and you make eye contact, looking deep into one another's souls. A sounding begins, pure and beautiful, rich, poignant in its intensity. Your eyes fill with tears as the pure sounds open a flow of velvet warmth deep within your heart space.

The sounding from the very heart core of this magnificent being, speaks to you, opens you, that you might feel the rhythm of all life through your heart center. Again, your eyes meet in a soulful connection. Gratitude flows between you, as you are acknowledged for gifting the Universal matrix and all life with your open heart...with your love.

The whale then turns, and returns to the circle of kindred souls and they swim around you, faster, faster, creating a vortex of love that seals in the power of the open heart.

Above your heads, a rainbow appears, spanning the Universe, that all might see and understand the gifts that flow in the space of hearts that are open.

As the whales complete their creation of this vortex, beloved ones, their toning becomes rich and beautiful once more, sealing in the remembrance of your connections, in love. Your eyes are misty, gratitude flows, and your hearts are wide open, as you recognize the Divine Love within you.

Beloved ones, may you go forward into your day, with your open hearts, remembering that every living creature is also love.

As you recognize one another, you will hear within your hearts, the toning, the sounding of deep love once more. May you honor your heart in every moment of your being as you remember that you are LOVE.

We are One Voice~One Heart



"Beloved Ones,

HeartWith love we come at this time of harvest and transition to assist you in the opening of your hearts and the raising of your vibrational frequencies.

This is the time of letting go, of completion and of preparation for going inward as the days become shorter and the nights colder.

It is a time of asking yourself the important questions; the ones which will challenge you to let go of old beliefs and thank them for what they've given you up til now.

It is a time to welcome in the new, and celebrate yourself for being willing to step into the new, despite the fact that you do not yet know fully what is to come.

There, just beyond the mist ... the veils that you created to stay in place until you were ready ... is all that you need to step into the authenticity of who you are! Your colors are already shining brightly beloved ones!

Unveil ... let the remnants of the protection you thought you needed to survive, fall away ... and show your true colors that all might follow suit ... in freedom and in love. We see your true colors shining through!

Beloved ones, each time you are able to let go of another layer of fear, and step more deeply into faith, you will feel the shifts within on more and more profound levels!

Fear not! State your intention to heal and to stay balanced and become a stabilizing force for all those you care about.

In turn, they will do the same. What a powerful gift this is, and we know that you will do your part to ensure the evolution of our Universe continues!

May your harvest and your inward time bear fruits of compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, and above all, love." 

We are One Voice~One Heart



:Beloved Ones,

We come, as always, in direct relation to the calling we hear in your hearts , for reassurance, for information, for loving connection, and for a reminder of the divinity within your heart and souls.

HeartThe time has been intensifying and some of you have expressed that you feel like you're "holding on for dear life," while being challenged to let go....of the past...of old ideas and thought forms that limit your feeling free....of jobs and old relationships that no longer satisfy or fill you up.

We witness the struggle to hold on to the old, the familiar, and yet you are finding that you are no longer able to do so.

One by one, and then in great masses, you are surpassing your fears, and taking risks, letting go of limits, and following your inner guidance!

One by one you are realizing that any limitations are those you've created within yourself, and that this means you can also declare your intention and follow through with changing even the most deeply ingrained beliefs long carried.

In this month you have had many astrological changes, beginning with the New Moon and Solar Eclipse on the 1st and now moving toward the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on the 16th of August.

There has been a duality within so many souls; the feeling of being weighed down in one moment, and then actually feeling "anchorless" and "unrooted" in other moments.

We see this as your walking back and forward between dimensions, making trial runs to experience the energies, and then returning to a more grounded stance in the Earthly realms.

We encourage you to remain grounded during this time of great movement.....to send your roots from the soles of your feet, into the Earth, deep into her center, and taking hold. We encourage you to draw her energies up, for she gives to you with so much love, and fill your being with her grounded energies.

In this way you will stand strong and resilient in the winds that continue to blow. Each day, make it a point, to ground in this way, and to express gratitude for the loving support you receive from the Great Mother.

Each day, fill yourself with the energy of gratitude, and with peace, taking time to center, to breathe, to connect, and each day stand in the light and let it fill you up.

On the night of the Full Moon, dear ones, stand outside and let the path of her light come to you....La Luna....the feminine, silvery energies, beckoning you to go deeper still into your intuitive space.

Listen to your guidance under the moon; get still and gently let her energies wash over and through you, and breathe....and feel....and listen...just listen to the stirrings within you.

They will be soft and the awakenings, the stirrings within you will bubble up to your conscious mind. Feel the stirring within your heart and soul....and allow....and breathe once more....allowing the gifts to be transmitted to you...and you will feel glimmers of actualization of the inner thoughts and plans you've thought of, begin to move forward.

Oh yes, beloved ones! Stand in the light of this moon, in prayer, in joy, in dance or celebration as you do your part in working with the energies instead of against them. This silvery bath will open you up to the expansion of your creative side, offering you abundant opportunity to allow your gifts to the world to unfold.

We will be there, standing with you, dancing with you, under silvery moon and velvet sky, celebrating your eagerness and commitment to create the changes you so desire in your lives and the lives of all living things. Individually and collectively, we work in harmony from both sides of the veil, as we move toward the blessings that a world of peace and harmony will bring to us. May peace and harmony be yours this day and forevermore, beloved ones.

And tonight as you fall asleep, may you breathe the silver energies, as your intuition expands and your heart opens, in love. Many blessings."

We are One Voice~One Heart



"Beloved ones, we come in direct response to the calling we hear in your hearts for change and understanding on deeper and more profound levels than ever before.

We witness the many unique ways you search....books, movies, t.v. shows, gathering in groups dedicated to the seeking of deepening your understanding of the the Universe and the interconnectedness of all life.

We encourage you to go more deeply within...to look within, for this is where you will find the connection to the Divine that you so earnestly seek.

HeartThere has been a profound shift in the energy vibration in the Universe as you are experiencing on Planet Earth at this time. Many feel the internal energies changing moment by moment and you cry out for stabilization.

At times you call it anxiety, at times you experience fear, and at times you are able to sit and be still and find your grounding.

More and more you are being called to take action...to be active participants in the creation of your reality, the creation of peace, and more and more you are called to be anchors for those who find it more difficult to stay centered and focused on positive change and growth during the energy fluxes occuring now.

We deeply respect your dedication to yourself and to all life as you take the time to step deeper and deeper into your purpose, your service to the universal family.

Take time to do things that fill you with joy. Find your inspiration (in spirit) and use it to heal yourself, to fulfill yourself, and to connect with your divinity.

Take time to nourish, to nurture, to fill yourself up with joy. When you do so you find that you are more and more able to connect with the divine within each living soul and the desire to give intensifies.

Beloved ones, you are always honored and encouraged from all dimensions as you open your hearts, take leaps of faith, and as you fly with more certainty that you are held and cherished. You are courage in action!

Each time you do so, you start a ripple of healing that is seen, felt and heard in all dimensions.

We bow to you in gratitude for being risk takers...for taking that leap of faith despite your fears, wise ones...that all might one day know the joy of freedom beyond the ability of your words to describe."

We are One Voice~One Heart



"Beloved Ones,

We come in direct relation to the calling we hear in your hearts this day as we sense the emotions running high during this full moon cycle and the Earth rumblings that are happening in the moment, now.

HeartSigns, promptings, nudging come from many directions, for the clearing out of the old are happening on global levels, and in this microcosm of the greater Universe known as Earth, it is no different. Each of you without exception has called for healing, on levels deep and complete.

When you do so, there is no magic wand that banishes all turmoil, stress, pain, or memories from your lives. Rather, opportunities and experiences come to you that all the heaviness and darkness might be exposed to the light, for transformation and for transcendence.

We are witnessing humanity's addiction to gossip in the numbers of gossip magazines and t.v. shows dedicated to judging the lives and paths of others.

We are also in the midst of a golden opportunity to use this phenomenon to grow. Look deeply within the gift of the opportunity to focus on the essence of the message on gossip, and not necessarily at the messenger. Look deeply within at your ability to find compassion and be a change agent!

Some are here to experience and then use their experiences as a catalyst for themselves and others to heal. All actions are first for the individual and then in that now familiar ripple, for all to take a look within.

If the issue pertains to you, you have the opportunity to heal by being deeply honest with yourselves. If the issue does not pertain to you, you are afforded the opportunity to do service to the world by praying, by focusing on love, and by raising your own energy vibration.

Be very aware of what is happening just before falling asleep, in your dream time, and in the early morning moments just before waking fully and starting your day. Issues come to the surface to be healed. Have you been the target of gossip? Have you gossiped about others? Have you been wounded? Do you wound? Look deep within, and when you are ready, take steps to make amends; take steps to soothe your own souls!

At this moment in time, all the layers, the blankets, the masks are being removed! There is no place to hide. All is being exposed and all has the potential of being healed at layers deeper than ever before! Because it is safe in the space you've created, the wounds are coming forward; the truths are being exposed, not to harm....but to heal....all that has been broken.

Things indeed fall apart so they can fall together....in healthier, more open, honest ways. Fear not! Guidance abounds when you move from a space of ego and listen deeply. What steps do you need to take? What within you needs to heal?

Speak your feelings here beloved ones! Do not hold back! Share with us all you hold within and let us love you. We refer once more to this space as a microcosm of the greater Universe.

Experiment with dialoguing; breathe together! Experiment with speaking your feelings without attacking another; breathe together!

Take a monumental leap forward and share what you feel inside, even if you fear judgment, and breathe together! In committing to dealing with this as a community, you set the tone for communities throughout the Universe who speak peace, and yet have not found the essence of what peace truly means.

Peace is not the absence of conflict beloved daughters! Peace is the working through conflict in ways that are ego-less. Peace is found when you drop your defenses and come to one another vulnerable and open.

Peace is created through the speaking of individual truths and feelings, and in listening with open hearts to one another. Pass the talking stick, and know you will be heard.

With compassion, and with love all things can be healed. Breathe together, the breath of love, gratitude, freedom, peace.... ahhhhhhhhh ....beloved ones......you are beautiful in your willingness to reveal yourselves.

In truth, the safety is not within this space, but within yourselves and individual alignment with God, who loves you always." 

We are One Voice~One Heart



"Beloved Ones,

We come in direct relation to the calling we hear in your heart for peace, resolution of the past, and freedom. From where we stand we see your struggles and we see the fruits of your labor when you, with determination, decide to free yourself from bondage of the past, from habits and behaviors that no longer serve you, and from judgment of yourselves or others.

It is vital now!

Deep within your spirits you have decided that you want to be free, and the gift you are giving yourselves, and indeed, the entire universe are manifold. Dig deeper beloved ones, and look within the mirror of your souls! Own what is yours.

Own what you create with your thoughts, words and deeds, and lovingly look at the shadows that have been a part of who you are! These times are times of transformation and healing.

Owning the shadow self, and loving it into freedom is a powerful step. Do not pull back from the mirror in judgment of this part of you, for it is here to be a teacher.

When you own the shadow side you also own the light! Offer up your shadows to the light to be loved into healing! Open your hearts and spirits in and truth.

What has the shadow taught you? Have you operated in your life from the shadow or the light? What do you need to own in order to be free?

What measures are needed to be taken in order to bring the light within you forward? Do you joyfully reflect your light in this world?

Have you harmed another through word or deed? Have you wronged yourself? Can you find the space within you that needs to make amends, or does pride keep you from doing so?

Can you apologize without embellishment? Can you let go of rage and wounded pride? Can you get free from the bondage that these create?

We stand beside you, loving you as you go more deeply into ownership of your creations of the pain in your lives, and the releasing of the shadows into the light. Each time you willingly, and without judgment, look within to own your shadows, you gift the universe with healing.

As you walk the journey of your soul toward the light, you become lighter....and your vibration raises higher than ever before. And your heart and spirit rise toward the Heavens, though centered and grounded here on Earth.

We honor your commitment to healing, and hold you in the space of love as you go forward into your days, aware, awake, open and committed to healing all that needs balance within your mind, body, spirit and emotions.

Tonight, in the light, we will greet you, beloved ones, and as you reach for Heaven and draw it into your hearts, we will uphold and support you, in love. Legions of angels will dance with you in celebration, and you are held, ever so gently, and with so much love."

We are One Voice~One Heart



"Beloved Ones,

HeartWe come as we hear the cries of many to better understand the spiritual journey and the intentions of your spirit self.

What is your intention, beloved ones, when you reach out to others? Does your ego become dominant and is it shouting, "Look at me, I'm special," or does it focus on the highest good for all, in all things?

Do you reach out to them with unconditional love and acceptance? Are you able to stand back and allow another to shine...to stand in the light, celebrating their joy-filled moments?

Does envy or jealousy, mistrust or fear surface? Do you feel the tug of war between ego and spirit, as you work to bring them into alignment? There is such simple beauty in the moments when you are centered in your spirit selves, letting all struggle and all fear fade away.

For in the simple moments you recognize in these the child part of you, who suffered from unmet needs, unfulfilled dreams, loss and abandonment.

And in the sweet simplicity of these moments, you graciously welcome the lessons within, and express gratitude for the magnitude of the learning!

All who have chosen the path of being in human form, have things to learn and things to teach. Can you see that beloved ones? Without exception, you are each others' teachers.....you are each others' students!

We see that you struggle at times to be open to the lessons, and judge them to be good or bad. From where we sit, it's all good; each experience bringing you opportunities to heal another piece of pain; to let go of another sorrow; to feel gratitude and joy in the healings when you do!

Beloveds, in each action and each interaction, we encourage you to be mindful of your intentions. Look deep within, far beneath the surface of the situation, as though you were gazing deep within a glass clear lake. Look deep into the recesses of the pool of your heart and spirit, and be honest about your intentions.

What motivates you? What spurs you on? What outcomes do you long for? Are you manipulating or are you offering guidance and love? Are you attempting to control, or are you offering loving, generous support?

What lies deep within the dark recesses of the water of your spirit? Have you risked to see what lies beneath the surface.

We see that there is clearing taking place...the sediment stirred up for closer seeing, and then settling back down in a new pattern....a new way.

Such is the journey of the soul beloved ones....you stir things up for a while, and then recreate in a new way that is more in congruence with the vibration of your being....Letting go of the old, and welcoming in the new configuration of energy within.

Oh, beloved ones! The rhythm of change is upon us....and the urgency within you grows....seeking change....seeking reunion.....seeking groups or pods of beloveds remembered from so very long ago!

And the rumble is contagious, as each beloved sounds a calling....as the spiritual intention for your reunions is made clearer in the light.

We encourage you to listen more than speak....to go deeply into the core of your remembrance and trust the intuitive flow that comes as you are called to make decisions and choices for your alliances and your future. Trust your heart and spirit beloved ones...for they are guiding you now.

Open your heart wide to the possibilities...to the wondrous possibilities of what can be accomplished in community. You will be inspired to learn and to teach, to give and receive, with the blessing of love as your guide. Trust, beloved ones, your own instincts, your own knowing.

You are wise, creative, and you are love.

We tenderly light the candle as you come together, one and all, for the highest good, your spiritual intention clearly illuminated within your heart and soul.

May you feel the love of God within your being....may you know the grace of sweet love, connection and joy....may your living moments be as a prayer....focused on God and God's mission for you. Oh, beloved ones! With joy we celebrate the living years with you!

And tonight as you fall asleep, you remember the intention of your soul, the sweet connections, and joy....and in your dreams you dance with the angels.....and you are held ever so gently....and with so much love. Many blessings.

We are One Voice~One Heart



"Beloved ones,

HeartWe come in love, and in direct relation to the calling and searching we see occurring within your hearts and spirits as you explore what preparedness means to you in these ever changing times.

There is movement afoot beloved ones, and with movement, the energy of change shakes to the core, the very foundation of all that is familiar!

We celebrate your desire to know on ever deeper levels how to prepare for What you call potential catastrophes, and the way you are incorporating mind, heart and soul to gather and share your information.

Beloved ones! Stop for a moment and step back, viewing from another perspective all that you need to see! Breathe deeply into your belly space and release, with each breath, the elements of fear and anxiety, worry and confusion.

With each breath out release more and more of these, and with each inhalation, fill your heart and being with love, compassion, roundedness, sensitivity, and the information that flows so freely to and within you in your connection to the Web of Love....the Universal Hologram, where all you need to know, flows constantly, in synchronization with your calling to re-member.

Be mindful of the potential for creating more of the fear that created the need for the focus on Preparedness in the first place!

Approach your information gathering and your acquiring of all that you need to feel safe and comfortable about your readiness for disaster, by drawing upon the wisdom you have within you; by sharing ideas, information, resources, and energy with those you love; by focusing on your own needs, and yet being keenly aware of the needs of those who have not yet been awakened to the need for preparation.

Open your hearts and spirits to the elderly; to the children, to the unaware, perhaps arranging to help others to gather all that they might need to feel safer and more connected.

Imagine giving the gift of life-saving resources before they are needed, beloved ones! Imagine the flow of love in your giving!

Do you see the precious gifts in focusing on living and giving.....and in turning off the t.v., in avoiding the replaying of traumatizing and re-traumatizing scenes and words, and letting go of the negative, and instead focusing on the positive actions you can take, and teach others to take, with love and gratitude for the opportunities you have at hand for preparedness?

Spend more time in prayer and listen to your guidance as you move forward into the awesome days of preparation.

As the momentum of change increases, so too do the opportunities to go deeply into your commitment to life....to the sustenance of life and the myriad ways you can assist one another in sustaining life force energies.

Connect to God in any ways you can, beloved ones!

Spend time in gratitude, in joy, in love....in utter appreciation for all that your life has brought you...and will continue to bring you...as you determine with more and more certainty the steps you need to take to be ready.

Ready your spirits! Ready your hearts!

Open them to receive the guidance and the wisdom you clearly cry for.

Be compassionate as you learn, perhaps for the first time, to care for yourself in a way you've always cried for! Turn inward and upward beloved ones!

Allow the flow of God's heart-love to grace you with sweetness! Allow the flow of ideas and thoughts to come into your mind, but be filtered through your hearts! Is there anything in your life that needs clearing, cleansing, letting go? Commit to doing so! Is there anything you are holding on to....people...places....possessions, old emotions, that now weigh you down? Release them beloved ones!

Set them free....set yourself free of old limitations and old thought forms that keep you mired in the energy of fear! This is a gathering time, to be sure; a time to gather to you things that might mean your very survival.

These items are precious, valuable, and yet the things you truly cry for are things of the spirit and heart....SpiritHeart! Offer love and compassion where it is so desperately needed dear hearts; allow the flow from God's heart, to enter your own, and with tenderness and grace, allow the flow to spill out in waves of light and love to all those who so desperately need it.

Fill your energy field with the rainbow light of Heaven and in exquisite rhythm, feel it flowing out to create an aura of warmth and light....deep love....compassion flowing, exquisite, magnificent, and with deliberate intention, breathe in love, and with equally focused intention, breathe out any negativity still held within.

Sweet loves! With utter tenderness and with deep respect, we bow to you....the creators of your reality....uniquely going forward into a future that feels yet unseen.

We remind you that you are supported and loved, held and nurtured, in the ever flowing energy stream, connected by the Web of Love, surrounded by delicate yet unbreakable gossamer threads interweaving one with the other, as love.

And in the quiet moments, just before sleep, allow the gratitude to flow, beloved ones....allow your heart and spirits to focus on the goodness of all the experiences your lives have brought you.

And tonight, as you fall asleep, you remember preparing your heart and your lives with a foundation of sweet love, compassion and joy....and you sleep the sleep of the innocent....and in your dreams, you dance with the Angels....and you are held ever so gently, and with so much love. Many blessings."

We are One Voice~One Heart



HeartBeloved ones, we come in direct relation to the calling we hear from within your hearts and spirits as your energy vibration continues to elevate, and your remembrance of spiritual gifts emerges once again.

We see within a keen desire for understanding of the nature of these gifts, and yet at the same time, we witness conscious blocking of that which you state you desire to know.

In the scanning of the places of resistance within we see the energy of fear, and call your attention to the ways you've created fear, due to old taboos, past learning, fear of being controlled, and so many other things.

Beloved ones! Do you not realize that the wearing of the mantle of fear forestalls your attaining of that which you state that you desire?

If we could share any one thing with you, we would share the understanding that all of you are open channels, and as your pituitary and pineal glands receive, download, translate, and integrate information from the Universal Hologram, you are privy to all that is available to every living soul.

We reflect to you, beloved ones, that love is the key to eliminating fear. You were given the gifts of discernment, and free will and choice, and in love, you receive, you integrate, you let go of what does not resonate deep within, and always decide how you'll use the information gleaned from what you hear.

There is a reservoir of knowledge that awaits you, and with joy, you can dive into this powerful place, and emerge with wisdom, and an intimate knowing of the interconnectedness of all life.

You will emerge with a new consciousness; one that will allow you to understand the hearts of others; one that will help you end the cycles of suffering in your lives!

You will flow in a new way, in the stream of life beloved ones! Indeed, you will choose to dive into your service to the world with gusto and zest, and with deepened respect for yourself and the delicate yet powerful balance of our Universe.

You will have a deeper knowing of beloveds from other galaxies and other dimensions, coming forward, now, at this time, to serve all life, and you can realize your place in the scheme of things, as you get still and open to listening and being. Look into the reflection in the reservoir of love…the Divine source of all goodness.

See your beauty reflected back at you as you step more and more into the entirety of what you were created to be!

Sever all ties to the negative and let go of outdated beliefs, actions, thoughts, ideas, that prevent the evolution for which you cry!

Sentient beings, full of wisdom, grace, life and love…above all else, love.

Open your hearts to the magnitude of your knowing and potential, and honor the reawakening of your understanding of All That Is.

You are the face of God, beloved ones, each heart beating, and yet a sacred synchronicity of notes and tones, as we remember that we are One Voice~One Heart, united, in Love.

And tonight…in gratitude, as you fall asleep, you remember the Oneness and your connection to the Web of Love…the Universal Hologram….and in your dreams, you dance with the angels….and you are held ever so gently….and with so much love. Many blessings."

We are One Voice~One Heart



Heart"Beloved Ones, we come in response to the cry in your hearts for healing of yourselves and the Universe. Deep within the core of your being lies a sacred space....a space that connects you to all living things in our beloved Universe.

We hear your cries over physical, emotional and spiritual issues, and your growing understanding of the interconnectedness of all life. We see, at all corners of the Universe, souls taking notice, taking stock, taking responsibility for the situations you see reflected within the natural world. For the world is your mirror, beloved ones.

You see all your fears, negativities, sufferings reflected in the suffering of Mother Earth, and your sensitivity allows you to feel the pain and suffering of all beloveds. And you feel and experience, deep within your being, all the beauty and power and majesty that surrounds you moment by moment. Which do you desire to expand, beloved ones?

The suffering and pain or the beauty and power and majesty? What are you willing to face and acknowledge and heal in your own lives? Can you be one with your sorrow and pain, without judgment? Can you bless the adversities which come to help you grow?

Can you immerse yourself in the pool of love and wash away that which no longer serves you? Can you fill the deep well within you with joy, passion, abundance and love? What risks are you willing to take, beloved ones? What risks do you have the courage to take in order to fulfill the desire that runs like a river within you?

Can you love yourself as God loves you? Can you love your sisters and brothers, the four leggeds, the wingeds, and all the beloveds in all dimensions who so desire to work with you to co-create your vision of Heaven on Earth?

What risks must you take? What self-created obstacles must you face? What depth of love must you find within you to dare to change? What determination will you find deep within your heart and spirit? Can you hear the callings of your beloveds?

Does your heart open to hear their cries, which so like your own, resonate with the Universal Life Force energy there within all living things? Do you recognize your Oneness with all life, beloved ones? Ah, what courageous souls we see in you, as you, in your own way, process and answer the questions we place before you this day.

We urge you to take some time just before sleep each night to align your heart and spirit with all the things you deeply desire for yourself and all living things.

Express your intention to be part of the change by changing first what needs renewal within yourselves. Add your energy in the form of prayers, and in the expression of gratitude to God for life and all that you've chosen to experience in this lifetime.

And hug yourselves gently, beloved ones....ever so gently, with the energy of the Divine Feminine....the gentleness and sweet love that your soul has carried within you, always. You are God's beloved children, and your potential for creating change is limitless.

Rest gently dear ones, and in the sweet silence of night time, you will find us beside you, gently tucking your blankets under your chin, and whispering tenderly in your ear that you need only to call and you will be heard .

Sing, whisper, pray, call out, and together we will fill the well of love to overflowing, in the creation of the beauty of Home. And you sleep the sleep of the innocent....and in your dreams, you dance with the angels.....and you are held ever so gently, and with so much love." 

We are One Voice~One Heart



Heart"Oh, beloved ones! We come in direct relation to the calling we hear from your hearts for the creation of Sanctuary within your hearts and spirits as the energy acceleration intensifies.

The seeking of the inward journey is fraught with waves of emotions, and the path to your sanctuary scattered with hills and valleys. The climb up the mountain can be arduous, beloved ones, and when you look up and contemplate the intensity of the journey of ascending the mountain, we see that you sometimes fill yourselves with fear….fear that you may never reach the summit!

Fear that your road is too narrow and winding; fear that those you love will reach heights remembered without you!

Ah, the mountain! Do you not see that if you journey, one foot step at a time, taking moments to feel your feet connect with the rock and dirt beneath them, and to notice your own heart beat, and your breath as your chest rises and falls with the rhythm that is uniquely yours, and to feel the energy of the air around you, that you will arrive at the top of the mountain, full of spirit, rich with having been totally in the experience of your journey? Do you understand the depth of experiencing it all, step by step beloved ones?

You cry for Sanctuary on your journey upward, dear souls! In your remembrance of Home, you seek, in many ways to find this sacred space and recreate the bliss of deep love that you so desire. At many times we witness your seeking in places outside yourselves.

We see your yearning and we see, too, your resistance to going to the quiet space within. Beloved Ones! Stop this moment, right where you sit or stand. Imagine everything that is burdensome, every conflict, every thought, slipping away. Let them all drain into the earth, and ask they all these be transformed into light! Wave after wave of the old slips away….deep down into the Great Mother.

Feel the freedom of letting go. Feel the energy flow as your breath becomes deeper and deeper…..letting go….letting go. That's just right, beloveds. Now breathe deeply, the energy of love, from the heart of God, flowing abundantly with white, gold and silver light. Breathe it in….gently, slowly, and with a sense of gratitude.

Allow the flow of white, silver and gold, to fill your body, your being, your core. Feel the electrons within your body, absorbing the Love-filled light….and breathe, oh yes, breathe! And be keenly aware of any spaces within you that resist the light, and again fill those spaces with prayer and silver-gold, white light.

Ahhh, Breath! Deep Breath! Cleansing, purifying, healing, transformative! And your body now vibrates with the joyful feeling of God's love, self-love, honor and open space.

Now imagine, beloved souls, a space within your core…your heart….your transpersonal heart centers…and allow the flow of deep rose pink, to flow through you…..and the light that shines from your heart is radiant with love.

Go deep within the space of your heart…and feel the expansion as you connect, more deeply still, with the Grace of the flow of energy from the heart of God.

Bring this Grace deep within the Sanctuary of your Soul, beloved ones…..drink from the well of forgiveness, compassion, Spirit, and joy! Drink from God's heart, all that God desires for you!

Let it in, take it in….deep within the Sanctuary of your Soul. Imagine a room, decorated with the beauty of your soul light. What would it look like? How would it feel? How would you feel as you sit or lie within this beautiful space?

Sweet, sweet loves! We tenderly enfold you in gossamer cloak of softest pink….creating a sense of sanctuary, deeper still, within your soul…..a space of safety, of gentleness, of delicate scents, and sacred tones….and we witness, in deep celebration, the shift and the increase in light within your spirits.

In wonder, you surrender to the Light, and you are rhythmically and ever so gently rocked to and fro… And your heart light glows with the sweetness of your sacred Sanctuary….as you renew and strengthen and allow God's love to nurture and caress you, gently rocking in the sacred rhythm of your now open heart.

And your journey, beloved ones, up the mountain, and down into the valleys has become gentler because your heart and spirit called for Sanctuary, and you heard and honored this calling.

Oh, loves! How joy filled we are to have joined with you this day, in the creation of Sanctuary. In your willingness to explore and go inward you have touched the very heart of God, and you are held ever so gently, and with so much love.

And tonight, as you fall asleep, you are called to re-create the Sanctuary within, and you sleep the sleep of the innocent, and in your dreams you dance with the angels, a dance of deep love and joy. Many blessings." 

We are One Voice~One Heart



Gather 'round beloved ones;
come join hands with me.
Lay down your troubles,
let them go, and dance
'round ancient tree.

'Neath rainbow arch
in soft blue sky,
glowing colors flow.
Dance your sorrows into earth
That's it...let them go!

Gratitude flows through you;
in this dance in holy place,
offering your pain to God,
and letting go with Grace.

With joy, beloved dancers,
reach way up to the sky,
and gather colored God-light
to seal within your heart.

And deep within your spirit
still in sacred glow,
you seal the love into your heart
where the light of God now grows.

Lynne Newman

We are One Voice~One Heart



Heart"Ah, beloved ones, we rejoice as we witness the dance of healing and celebration. We invite you to return to this sacred space and dance again when healing is needed.

We beckon you with rainbow colored light, knowing that you will integrate the energies of the light in the ways that are most healing for you. Beloved ones, children of God's heart, we remind you that healing on all levels is available to all who deeply seek and desire this healing.

As you dance the dance of sacred release, you open up space within for the new...for all that you desire. We join you, as dance partners on the journey of Enlightenment of our Universal Energy Matrix.

Each time you return to this sacred place...this powerful dance round the tree, and under the rainbow, and let the flow of release and bringing in the God-light, you re-commit to healing all within that you desire to be heal.

Suffering is an option beloved ones, and we invite you to choose wisely. Your beautiful light is needed to aid the transformation of our Universe to a space of Heaven on Earth.

Oh, the glow...the glow of your God-lights!

The glow can be seen and felt out into the far reaches of our Universe. Glow on beloved ones and know that we are here to support you and to dance with you, the dance of God-light that all might know the essence of Love.

And tonight, when you fall asleep, you remember your dance...the rainbow....the tree....and the releasing...and most powerfully, you remember, that you are the face of God, and you see the face of God in every living thing. And you sleep the sleep of the innocent, and in your dreams you dance with the angels, and you are held ever so gently, and with so much love." 

We are One Voice~One Heart



Heart"Ah, Beloveds, how tenderly we come to witness your awakening to what lies just beyond the horizon of your lives! We stand in awe at the sensitivity of your antennae for feeling the stirrings in the wind...the blip on the radar screen of the hologram of the Universe.

Your sensitivity is heightening, and the New Day Dawning is in direct correlation to the commitment humanity and the other energy forces in the Universe has to furthering the evolution and the Oneness. Beloved Ones, you are charged with the responsibility of awakening deep within your spirits, to the possibilities that lie ahead....for freedom and love and expansiveness within and without.

You are calling for a deeper knowing of joy, and you are being answered, in poignant echoes throughout the cosmos...your calling...your sounding....your sharing the vibration of your love is creating the anchor for the richness and your cries are magnified and amplified so that all might have the choice to join forces, in love.

Ah, the light that is taking on a richly textured depth, beloved ones! Ah, the communing, one with the other, that all might stand in the glory of God's love. The wave of light takes on new energy now....the energy of which, at first, causes you to shield your eyes and your heart...for a fleeting moment.

With remembered joy, you step deeper and deeper into the luxurious, pulsating energy of this light, and the glow within you brightens and the flow of love becomes more magnificent, still.

And once again, you integrate the wave of love filled light, and find your balance....just in time for the next brilliant glow to flow, finding it's target deep within your heart.

And you dance a dance of celebration, holding hands and touching hearts with all those kindred souls who come to share and offer their own light. And the voice within you is empowered by gratitude and deep reverence for the intensity of the changes deep within your core. And the threads of the tapestry of your soul, are interwoven with those of all living things...and the silver and gold glittering threads from the heart of God, bind you, one to the other, in love.

Oh, beloved ones, how rich this tapestry of life you co-create with God! And you are sheltered in the softest cocoon of the tapestry of life and cushioned by the softest cloud, as you walk, in faith, toward this new day...in your unique way.

And the dance of a million lifetimes flows forward, as you sway to the rhythm of the earth and of the heavens. And you turn your faces upward, then inward, and find the God Light within you and beam that light out into the Universe...and a magnifcent beam of light is created.... God Light...shining brightly.... as healing....forgiveness, gratitude, joy and love wash away all old fears and sorrows, and open spaces deep within in you.....that remember Home.

Welcome Home beloved ones, a joyful welcome Home, for you have created the New Day you have been seeking, and dawn is upon us.

Rest gently dear ones, in the beauty and power of who you are. And tonight, as you fall asleep, you remember the Dawn of the New Day, and you sleep the sleep of the innocent.

And in your dreams, you dance with the angels. And you are held ever so gently.....and with so much love. Many blessings." 

We are One Voice~One Heart



Heart"Beloved Beings of Love, Peace and Imagination, we come this morning to encourage you to free yourselves from old limitations and to assist you as you continue to let go of all old and dense energies that inhibit your ability to feel peace within.

We offer to you the image of standing in the wind on a blustery day, and allowing the wind to sweep your aura clean of anger, rage, anxiety, fear, shame and other emotions that prevent you from feeling the freedom within that you so desire.

Let the image of the wind clear your aura and let the essence of golden sunlight energies fill each cleared space with warm golden light; liquid warmth filling each of your body, one by one, until a glow emanates from within you.

We anoint you with golden oil, warmed by the sun, and with the lightest touch, wash away the tired weary spaces within your muscles.....indeed within your gentle spirits. With  tender feelings for all that you've experienced, we lay hands upon you, offering healing and God's Grace....healing of the body.......balm for the soul.

And the flow becomes rainbow colored and its essence magnificent as it continues to clear the past........old karma, old hurts, old wounds, old ideas and thoughts that limit your Imagination. Breathe deeply as the flow of rainbow light clears any self-created limitations within, and bask in the energies of Love and Hope and Promise that the New Year brings.

Allow comfort, beloved souls......allow the Grace of God's comfort to warm the spaces within your heart, mind, body and soul. Allow the openings and feel your Imagination soar with new creativity and new life! What do you wish to create for yourselves in the coming year?

What do you envision....imagine? What creation is waiting to be birthed within you? Allow the liquid colored light to continue the anointing of your being, that you might step fully into the energy of your Imagination.....for we remind you that your thoughts become your reality....and the time for the birthing of your dreams and ideas is NOW.

Give full attention now to the feelings rushing through you as the liquid warmth continues to soothe and expand the spaces within.....and imagine the project or idea you've held within birthing into being! Feel the delight as renewed energy for completion of formerly begun projects, flows forward, and step into the creation, fully, with all your senses alive.

Allow the once-closed spaces to fully open, and Imagine stepping into your life's purpose....your destiny....with Forgiveness, Love, Joy, Hope and Compassion! Imagine awakening each morning with anticipation and a sense of expectation and allow the warmth of the oils......of God's light......to open the crown center; your connection to the Divine and the Angels and Beings of Light who come to help you manifest your heart's desire.

The third eye; your connection to the unseen world........the throat; your center of speech; your high heart center, just below the collar bones; the space within you from which you offer your service to the world......the heart or thymus center in the middle of your chest; your center of Love........the solar plexus where all feelings reside.......the sacral center; your center of sensuality, sexuality and creativity....and the beginnings of your personal power..............the tailbone or root center; your connection to your family of origin....your tribal family.....to Mother Earth.

You send roots down into the Great Mother, offering her the expanded energy you now feel.....helping her to heal......anchoring to her.

And a wave of light from God's Heart, connects you Heaven to Earth......and more and more you feel a part of all life and in your Imagination, you offer a prayer of love for all living things, and Imagine Peace and Freedom......and the energy of Home on Earth becomes more real in your Imagination, and your entire being glows with the warmth of the healing oils and the golden light and the gentleness of the ministration of the Beloved Light Beings who have given so tenderly to you this day.

The arc of the rainbow shines as a canopy above you and the rays of color continue to infuse you with the vibration of Love.

Your imaginings and your dreams and creations have taken on new energy and the birthing has begun....and you whisper a prayer of gratitude for your life, for all life. And as you fall asleep tonight, your soul remembers this journey of healing and your imagination is open and flowing with new ideas for manifestation of your heart's desire in the New Year.

And you sleep the sleep of the innocent.....sweet sleep......and in your dreams you dance with the angels......and you are held ever so gently......and with so much love. We are One Voice One Heart.

May the new year ahead bring us all abundant opportunities to find peace within, and may the peace within each of us help in the creation of ripples of light and peace throughout the Universe.

May each of us do our part to create the essence of Home here on earth. Imagine a world of peace and freedom for all. IMAGINE!" 

We are One Voice~One Heart



How powerful are the earth changes now happening! And if we look deeply at these changes we see that they are metaphors for what is happening within our individual and collective beings. We are challenged to go deeper into our faith, and our connection to God, and more profoundly open our hearts in love.

God's heart is open to us, and we must love ourselves deeply, abundantly, and go out and love each other, holding steady, balancing, giving, receiving. Do you allow yourselves to receive? Do you deeply understand the power of helping another give by receiving?

Are you able to let God's love touch you in the deepest recesses of your heart and soul, and then open this precious heart and soul to others? Does facing fear open your heart or close it? Do you willingly release the fear and open your heart to the freedom this affords you?

With all the energetic changes happening around and in you, do you feel like you're drowning, or do you build that ark, and plug the holes, and invite beloveds to join you on the voyage of life?

Do you notice the messages from God and the Angels in even the harshest of circumstances? Do you ask God for what you need? Do you love yourself enough to believe that you deserve all good things? Do you see beyond the horizon, beloved ones? Do you know what magnificent gifts await you?

Do you see the rainbow of possibilities out there.....waiting for you? Can you allow the colors of the rainbow to encircle you and fill you with light....balancing, opening, releasing, freeing you from all that limits you from healing and from having what you so desire?

Beloved ones, will you allow the colors to permeate and penetrate any tired, sore and weary places within you? Will you gather the colors of the rainbow and place your hands upon your heart centers, one hand over the other, and give yourself the gift of God's healing presence through this rainbow of light?

Won't you take several deep breaths and journey deep within the rainbow....the radiance of the colors filling your heart with healing....your body with energy....your spirit with faith? And you raise your arms toward heaven, in silent gratitude, deep joy, and reverence, as you notice the tingling in your fingers....filling your palms with heaven's powerful energy.

And you scoop up the energy of heaven - huge armfuls of light and bring the palms of your hands to your heart center...one hand over the other, and allow heaven to rush into your heart. And the sparkling energy intensifies as you notice the vibration within you lifting, elevating, energizing....feeling you with God's love. And your hands come together, in prayer position as you offer your gratitude and thanks to God in heaven. And you breathe deeply into the newly created healing space within you, and your heart opens wider still....to the possibilities in the rainbow of life.

And you are held ever so gently, and with so much love. May you rest gently in the knowing that in this moment, through your connection to God within you, you have created gentler space for yourself and every living thing, for we are connected in love, by love, only love, in the Matrix of Love and Light.

Have a gentle day, dear ones, full of love and God-light."

We are One Voice~One Heart



"Beloved Ones,

We come in direct relation to the calling we hear from deep within your hearts and spirits. Your cries have been heard, and the openings you have been experiencing are acknowledged and validated.

Beloved Ones, we reflect to you that you are perched at the precipice of an opportunity never before experienced in human history….indeed an opportunity is offered, and yet it is you who have courageously volunteered to be here at just this moment in time in order to bring the dream to life. Beloved Ones, do you feel a sense of anticipation or the density of the energy of fear?

Can you allow the transmutation of fearful energy to that of hope and faith? We see the precious places deep within your core – all the old wounds and sore, weary places are visible to us….and we sound a calling deep within the ravaged places of your spirit, mind, body and emotions. We challenge you to mend all within you, with thoughts of healing light, grace and love.

We see within you even the tiniest tears in the tender places within your hearts and we see the barriers you erected that you felt once kept you safe. We offer to you that this is no longer so. The very barriers you erected, indeed keep you from all the things you so poignantly cry for!

Bring the walls down in celebration and rejoicing. Bring them down, brick by brick, and relinquish the control, which has required so much energy to sustain! Replace the walls with faith and hope, Beloved Ones! Construct instead, Walkways of Wonder… Pathways of Peace….Courtyards of Creativity…..Bridges of Beauty….Landscapes of Love and Light!

Give abundantly of yourself abundantly; give to the creation of these structures….which hold the energy of the New Planet Earth, created that we might step into the One-ness with all life!

Beloved Ones, we feel you now, stepping into the rhythm of the new way, to the beat of your heart and the beat of all hearts…and the heart beat of Mother Earth Father Sky quicken as they join with you as co-creators of the essence of your Spirit Hearts…..powerful and strong, yet open and vulnerable!

And the energy of the white light from the heart of God vibrates within your core and helps you integrate the higher vibration energies which help you heal and grow, live and love more deeply, and share the beauty of who you are abundantly with all life. And you learn to live in the essence of Spirit Heart….in harmony with all living things as you consciously replace any residual fear with faith. The beating of your hearts sounds a mighty calling into the realms beyond our seeing, and they answer the call, beat for beat, as they join hearts and spirits with you in the One-ness of new creation.

Stand back now Beloved Ones, and witness the bountiful blessings in the merging of hearts and spirits – Spirit Hearts. And the surrounding space takes on a powerful glow – a light in the color of violet with sparkles of every rainbow color. Behold the beauty! Understand the implications of being conscious co-creators of the deep love you've cried for! Bask in the beauty of who you are, Beloved Ones!

Bask in the wisdom of the voice of your Spirit Heart ….this space within you that knows the power of the heart's ability to transform in the strong, yet gentle flow of life. Let the beauty resonate deep within you….and allow the splendor of your generosity, wisdom and love, to go deep within as you experience the sweet flow of the transformations now unfolding.

And the Beings of Light known as One Voice~One Heart gently touch you on your heart centers, creating a sweet warm sensation in the center of your chest. Your heart is full of gratitude as your energy is magnified and amplified and you experience a sense of well-being and joy. And these beloved Light Beings remind you that you are so beautiful….and that it is they who are gifted by your Spirit Heart and your presence in the world.

And you sleep the sleep of the innocent...and in your dreams you dance with the angels....and you are held ever so gently and with so much love. Rest sweetly, Beloved Ones. Many blessings."

We are One Voice~One Heart



"Beloved Ones,

We come to offer comfort and assistance as you enter more deeply into these transitional and transformational times, for we see deep within the essence of your humanity, a deep and pervasive fear. We recognize the courage it takes for you to commit yourselves to finding balance, despite the ever quickening pace of the changes within and the changes now occurring in our Universal Soul. Beloved Ones, fear not… do not be afraid….for you are held and guided every step of the way.

You have declared that you desire change and yet the very rumbling of such changes evokes the energy of fear….indeed of terror within you. We speak to you that your hearts and spirits might open further to the recognition of your power…of standing in your power and your grace as guardians of the energetic matrix that connects us one to the other. We speak to you that you might understand the powerful healing that comes in the grace-filled understanding of love.

When there is chaos can you stand, firmly rooted and grounded and hold the calm for others? When there is violence, can you respond with strength and power, in love?

When there is suffering and pain, can you offer comfort and solace, that others might also step forward and into the light of their power and strength? When you are frightened, hurting, suffering, or when you feel alone, can you feel the power of God's love for you…for all life…and can you feel us holding you in a circle of light, that you might re-member your ability to transcend these and find your balance?

All that is occurring now gives you opportunities to use the tools you've acquired in the journey of your soul. Your response is your responsibility, beloved ones! Step into the power of taking responsibility for your thoughts, actions, deeds, and for taking time to rebalance your energy moment by moment.

Notice how you feel when you have bursts of anger, waves of pain, feelings of jealousy and envy, or of fear. And then notice the times of love, joy, celebration, of connection and comfort and abundance. What do you do with the feelings, Beloved Ones? How do you use them to stay in balance and in your power? How do you help others to do the same?

We invite you to connect with the energy of Mother Earth and Father Sky. Stand tall and feel the energy of Heaven flow downward through the crown of your head, and flow throughout your energy centers. Stand for a moment and feel the energy of the Great Mother flow into your feet and up through your energy system and know the feeling of being held and anchored by Heaven and Earth. Feel the energy of the Rainbow….colors flowing throughout your energy system…revitalizing… .opening…. healing…. grounding… and draw from the Earth, Sky, and Color energies as needed for love, strength, courage and balance.

When you were a little one, you came to earth, beginning this chapter in the growth of your soul. Some chose harsh circumstances and seemingly insurmountable situations as the classroom for learning. Others chose the experience of being cherished and loved and were held gently in the light of this love as they grew and moved forward into the world. How do you love yourselves, Beloved Ones?

Do you take time each day to look into the mirror of your soul and find beauty there? Can you take honest inventory and make decisions about what needs to be done differently in the future? Can you say, "Beloved One, I love you," as you look into your own eyes? Can you look into the eyes of those you love and say, "Beloved One, I love you?" And can you look into the eyes of one you fear or judge and say, "Beloved One, I love you?" Oh, Beloved Ones! How we love you!

Imagine now that you are a beloved child of the Universe…tired, weary, scared of all the changes happening around and within you….and bring into your heart the knowing that you are indeed God's beloved child.

And deep within your imagination you realize that Mother Earth and Father Sky are holding the edges of a blanket, creating a hammock of the most beautiful fabric, just for you. Joyfully, you climb into the hammock and lie down. Gently and rhythmically, the hammock begins to sway in the breeze, and the Great Mother wraps you in a blanket of the softest fabric, tenderly, gently.

And you are gently rocked by Mother Earth and Father Sky as you find your center, and, snuggling in, calm and quiet, you fall asleep to the melody of angel songs and whisper wind. Ah, Beloved Ones, can you feel the restoration taking place? You awaken from this slumber, free of pain, and fear….ALIVE! And tenderly you thank Mother Earth and Father Sky for the precious gift of their love, and go forward into your day, balanced, rested, nourished empowered, vulnerable and loved. In your vulnerability you find faith and trust and balance in all situations, and understand that you are divinely supported and cherished and loved in every moment of your being.

Thank you for joining us this day, as we celebrate the wisdom of your soul in opening to love and healing grace.

And tonight, as you fall asleep, you hear the whispers of the angels, reminding you that you are a cherished child of the Universe, and you sleep the sleep of the innocent…sweet sleep….and in your dreams, you dance with the angels….and you are held ever so gently, and with so much love. Many blessings."

We are One Voice~One Heart



"Beloved Ones,

We gather with you here today, in love and gratitude for the lights you are in the world. Many are awakening now to a deepening sense of responsibility and a calling, so to speak for more attention to holding the energy of love. We see within you the depth of your uncertainty about the changes that are now happening around and within you and yet, we see your struggle to hold on, to remain clear, to stand strong and centered as time flies by and changes happen

seemingly faster than your energy systems can handle. Beloved ones, stand strong! For you are not alone. Deep within the mist of the unknown are answers and solutions and a Divinely orchestrated plan is unfolding. We call out to your armies of spiritual warriors that we might unite in common purpose of the possibilities for love unfold. Choose wisely in every moment, beloved ones for as the choices and opportunities present themselves your choices have the power to create your realities.

What do you choose? Do you choose to stay in fear and chaos, or do you choose to step into the power of God's light within you, for transformation of our Universe and our futures? Each of you is needed - a veritable army of Spiritual Warriors joining and pulling in the ranks. A different kind of army than those now fighting battles in many corners of the known world! On which side do you ally yourself?

Do you choose Love? Do you choose to feel the flow of the light of God course through your veins and do you stand up strong and tall casting your line with all those anchoring the grid of love at this moment? Is your holographic body clear of old residue of hatred, violence, rage and judgment? Sweep it clean beloved ones, for in the energy of your determination to be clear, you radiate strong and beautiful light - heart light!

Beloved Ones, we hold you with highest regard as you determine your choices this day. Will you stand in the army of Love? We await you with open hearts and hearty embrace. You are needed at this time, beloved brothers and sisters of light and love! Your time is NOW.

The Ascended Masters - Jesus, Mary, St. Germain, the Buddha, and others stand in circle with the Archangels and Angels, your spirit guides and guardian angels, and create a circle around our circle. One by one they draw us into their circle, with our declaration to join the army of Love. We become one beautiful circle - glowing with the heartlight - rose pink and white with sparkling energy particles bouncing within the circle and the energy hologram. They state clearly, 'Thank you beloved ones, for joining with us this day, for as you did, we united through the heart centers, as ONE.' "

We are One Voice~One Heart



Beloved children, we come in direct relation to your calling for deeper understanding of comfort and love.

How we hear your cries for ways to soothe the spirit when times feel heavy, dense and painful. Deep within the echoes of your cries, we sense the longing and come to hold and comfort you as you seek the essence of knowing, on a cellular level, the deep expression of love that comfort holds. The carefully constructed walls you've built must now come down, beloved children, for the time has come to release your hearts from the bonds that you thought you needed to protect you, that you might fully know the power in your vulnerability.

The masks you wear that you feel keep you safe are, in essence keeping you from the very thing you long for deep connection, comfort, love!

Beloved children, we reflect to you now, that you must remove the masks and bring down the walls with the utmost of respect and gratitude for what they've given you, for there was, indeed, much learning within those walls, those confines! In your isolation, some of you have gone deeper into the core of your pain and suffering and have learned much from the tender places within you. We see that some have also avoided the deeper looking in fear of what they'd see.

We reflect to you that there is nothing that we could see that would prevent us from loving you, beloved children! There is nothing that you could do that would cause us to turn away from you! Why then, do you turn away from yourselves when you most need comfort, solace, gentleness and love? The old wounds must be healed, and guilt, shame, and fear released! The journey toward forgiveness is a choice you make and we see that many continue to cling to old wrongs, old hurts, old bitterness and old rage.

We stand ready, beloved children, to hold you as you consciously make the choice to begin loving yourselves on a deeper level than ever before, in support of your deep longing for freedom and release of all that keeps you in pain and suffering. There is deep within your core, a soul that yearns to step into the Light of Home and connect in a deeper and more powerful way with other souls on this journey on the earth plain.

We celebrate your desire for these connections and reflect to you that these connections become more possible as you free yourself from old heaviness and sorrow and pain. Ask for what you need and share with us your longings for freedom and the vibration of the depth of your calling will help you begin the journey of your soul toward freedom!

You must ask! Step into the power of the asking and the path to your freedom will glow with the energy of your desire. Don't hold back, beloved children, ask for ALL that you need. No prayer, no cry is unheard!

Hold yourselves gently; give gentleness, nurture and love. Fill the wounded spaces within your heart and spirit with the balm of compassion and wrap yourselves gently in a cloak of softest cloth. Play music that soothes and comforts, and spend time in water and in moonlight. Notice the beauty around you beloved ones, for the devas and spirits of the natural world have much comfort and love to offer you.

Communicate with the animal and plant kingdoms and ask them to aid in your healing and your comfort. Cry out to our sisters and brother... the dolphins... the whales and ask them to help you balance your energies. Ask for guidance and you will know immediately what is needed to open the spaces within your heart that have long been masked. It is the midnight hour of your lives, beloved ones...the dawning of a new day!

Unmask your hearts and spirits, and stand near a lake, awash in moonlight, allowing her silvery flow to touch the core of your hearts. Play among the stars and allow their light to remind you of the eternity of your souls! Dance into life, beloved children, sacred dances of letting go, of opening up, of loving, of compassion and mercy! Stand in the Light of God and allow yourself to be comforted and held in gentle embrace that you might again know Home. We stand in circle with you, beloved children, holding you within our hearts.

The energy vibration quickens, and you feel a flow of love entering your hearts. This vibration flows through every cell in your body, clearing and cleansing. You stand, faces upturned, allowing the shimmering glow of the moonlight upon the water, to fill your entire being. And in the energy of the feminine... the love and compassion, you know freedom and healing, deep within your souls.

And tonight, as you fall asleep, you sleep the sleep of the innocent, and in your dreams, you dance with the angels, and you are held ever so gently, and with so much love. Many blessings.

In love, gratitude and service,
Lynne~Rainbow Dancer

We are One Voice~One Heart




"Beloved friends, I ask for prayers for all humanity, for all life, as we acclimate to the shifting energy...to the waves of intensity that continue to accelerate.

I pray that every living thing understands the power of the changes that are now ocurring, and the choices we can make that will help us make the transitions that we are being called to make. Many are in a position at this time, to CHOOSE whether to stay or go...to move on to the next part of their spiritual journey. We all came here at this time in humanity's history to be of service to our Universe as we grow and evolve spiritually. When our work is done, our souls can choose it's next experience.

If you have declared that you will stay and participate in the next chapter of our history - a time when growth and healing of Divine proportion is coming, please know that you must take care of your body, mind, spirit and emotions. You will be called upon to hold the energy of love and light; you will be called upon to mirror these as a reflection of God's light; you will be called upon to stand in the energy of love, and love yourself with all your heart...and then be authentic with others as they stand and find their own hearts and learn to love themselves...and then as reflections of God's heart, go forward and love all life!

Beloved friends, love yourselves well this day, as God loves you. For it is Love that will transform this Universe and be the foundation for all that is yet to come. Go forward into your day with love, forgiveness and mercy in your hearts, and experience the death of fear, envy, shame, rage, judgment and other emotions that lay heavily in your heart. Free up space and then CHOOSE to be in the space of open heart.

Thank you for your willingness to travel, perhaps into new territory this day...the territory of loving yourself so deeply that you forget that it was ever any other way!"

We are surrounded now, in a blanket of the softest fiber, rose pink in color, and golden sparkles are showering around us. Anchored in the center of our circle of loved ones is a huge quartz crystal...and the light hits the crystal creating vibrant rainbows of light.

The light reflects the rainbow prism onto the high heart center (just under the collarbones), and you feel the energy of the rainbow light open spaces deep within the high heart - the heart center that connects you to your Divinity, to the Divine Heart.

Stand, beloved friends, in the energy of the rainbow light. Allow the colors to heal any places within the mind, body, spirit or emotions, that need the love of God's rainbow light, and breathe deep within, in gratitude for these blessings. For this message came with such love this morning, and my heart is full as it connects with each loved one who has graced our world with their presence.

God bless each of you, always."

We are One Voice~One Heart



"Beloved Ones, we come in direct relation to the calling we hear within your hearts and spirits, to offer comfort and encouragement as the acceleration of the energy of transformation continues. We see that all humanity is feeling the changes and understand the questions that form within. We hear you cry out as you experience the physiological, emotional, psychological, and spiritual shifts that are occurring so rapidly now.

Your energetic and physical bodies are working hard to accomodate the raising of the universal energy vibration, as the Universal Hologram draws you closer, one to the other. You are empathic beings, and are all connected, via the web of love. The entire Universe is drawing ever closer, as one. When one suffers, all life, at one level or another, feels the suffering.

When one rejoices, all life responds in kind, with a raising of the vibration and the energy of joy ripples out. You are being called upon to be mindful of your own energy levels; to find ways to balance and restore your energy before it becomes depleted and illness occurs. You are being called to love yourselves in ways that perhaps are yet unfamiliar to you. Rest, nourishment, grounding and prayer and meditation time are vital. Forgiveness becomes imperative, as carrying the old energies of anger, bitterness, rage and revenge create more imbalance and more suffering within. Some are experiencing deep fear and what they call panic attacks.

Beloved ones, do not fear, for a change is happening deep within the energy matrix of your being as your energetic hologram is revitalized and healing at deep and profound levels becomes possible. Some are experiencing a deepening of faith, as things happen that you cannot yet see. We honor you and thank each of you for doing your part in holding the energy vibration of love. We remind you that everything you desire is being manifested in every moment.

We ask that you look at situations, all situations, as healing opportunities and challenge you to go deep within the constructs of your ego to facilitate healing of the deepest magnitude. Let go of your worries about what others think. Let go of old beliefs about yourself that no longer serve you, beloved ones, let go. Step instead, into the reality of the loving beings you are...the intuitive, creative, wise beings, for you hold the imprint of all the Universal information you need to heal and grow. No need to perpetuate suffering. Go deeply into the energy of each circumstance in your lives. Take time to contemplate your own responsibility in the creation of your circumstances, and the lessons within. And if you desire change, state your intentions clearly, without hesitation, for your determination to change will create just the transformations you seek.

Beloved ones, we encourage you to love yourselves deeply, as we love you; to feel the light glowing within your spirits, especially when you struggle to maintain balance, and we encourage you to stop the struggle...to allow the changes to incorporate within your bodies, minds, spirits and emotions; to remember gratitude for the opportunities you are having to transform.

At no time in humanity's history have you ever had such opportunities for freedom beyond your wildest imagining. Look deeply into the hearts and spirits of your beloved soul family and feel the love they reflect back to you. Touch hearts and spirits with each other as human angels, for you have incarnated on Earth at this time in the evolution of our Universe to give the gift of who you are to all. Give with abundant, open-hearted generosity, and you will see the spirit of unsurpassed abundance unfold.

We love you beloved ones, and we thank you for continuing to hold the energy of love and light during these transformative times. We remind you, with love, that we are only a call away and stand ready to help you as you go forward on your journey on the earth plain, for you are beautiful reflections of God's love, and it is an honor to walk with you as you step fully into the power and magnificence of all that you are."

And the beautiful group of Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides join in circle with our higher selves and our voices join in beautiful harmony as we sing out a song of love, sweet peace, and joy, and the energy of our love resounds out into the Universe...as One Voice~One Heart, in love.

And tonight, as you fall asleep, you remember this circle of love, and you sleep the sleep of the innocent....and in your dreams, you dance with the angels.....and you are held, ever so gently, and with so much love."

We are One Voice~One Heart



"Beloved Beings,

Greetings this magnificent and blustery day. We come in direct relation to the calling that we hear echoing throughout the Universe as you forge ahead in the direction of seeking light. We honor the depth of your commitment to yourselves and to the healings taking place in the vast space of our Universe.

We see the search going deep, deep, deeper still, as you contemplate the changes you wish to create in the inner world of your being and within the already established structures of society and humankind. We witness the intensity of your crying out and the equal intensity of your resistance to the letting go of age old fears and judgments. We celebrate the glimmers of insight and the leaps of faith that many of you are taking to abandon the old ways and live more fully in the essence of your loving spirits.

We see old barriers, old walls, coming down, tentatively at first, and then with the glee of toddlers, who find they've accomplished new skills; and you willingly, deliberately, and courageously try them again and again until they feel like they are a part of you. Can you understand that we celebrate even what you call the falls and the failures....even what you term the backward steps....the questions and the misgivings? For, in the energy of these experimental steps forward, we see your determination grow stronger and your commitment to letting go become a deeper part of you.

We urge you to have patience with the process; to feel the energy of each baby step around and within you.....to revel in the baby steps....one foot in front of the other....sometimes graceful steps....sometimes giant strides, and sometimes feeling as though your feet are stuck in cement...for we remind you that when you feel that you are immobilized, there is ample time for looking around and within you, taking stock, integrating all that you have achieved, witnessed, participated in, and experienced. Indeed, there is time for celebration of the courage of your spirit in declaring that you seek an end to separation, to division, to segregation and alienation of any kind.

In the staying still times...in the silence, you can hear your own heart beat...you can love and nurture yourself and others...you can connect on a deeper level with the love that God has for you; you can hear the voice of God encouraging you to come and be comforted and to learn to give the expression of love and compassion to yourself....to others...to find kindred spirits who can reflect to you, the truth...the places where you might not be truthful with yourself, and the truth of your beauty and light. Open up to the truths of the ways you block your own evo9lution, Beloved Beings; open up to those who love you and who reflect these truths through their actions and their words. Take responsibility for what you are creating; for all of it! Take it deeply within you and find the gratitude for the knowledge.

Take a moment to ask for guidance from your Higher Self. What truth is needed to step into your full power....to let go of old belief systems and other people's judgments, which sometimes contribute to the way you feel about yourselves...in freeing yourself from the dense energies of rage, fear, envy and the need to control? Step into the expansive reflection of the light that burns brilliantly within your core. Feel your connection to the Universal Web of Love...feel it deepen, and draw from the well of love and generosity afforded by the energy of this ever-growing web. Drink from the well of truth, open to the experience of self-reflection and quiet listening...and see the perfection in your human-ness.

For you are beloved beings....whole and complete...and the courage you have shown in coming to be part of the evolution of humanity, of all life at this time of dramatic change that every living thing in our Universe is experiencing, is a testament to your strength. We offer this gift to you...the confirmation that you are seen, acknowledged and celebrated every moment of your lives, especially when you are struggling to keep your balance and your focus. In the ever deepening and expanding light that you are creating just by your commitment to heal and grow, you are radiant, empowered and beautiful.

Take a moment this day, to look around you...to see God's light reflected in the eyes of others...in God's creations large and small. Take in, with all your senses, the vibration of life and connection to love through all God's creations....and in the moments when struggle arises, we remind you of the tiny oak tree, branches reaching toward the sky....seeking the light...reaching ever upward......becoming taller....stronger...majestic...connected...and then offering shelter for those who sit beneath her. For you are the sheltering oak....and your healing....strength....and love can shelter others who are seeking Light.

And a circle is created around you, and the white light from God's heart beams upon you, mixed with gold and silver sparkles. The light pulsates from their heart centers, and from their crowns and palms. Allow, this day, the flow of indigo and violet, mixed with the sparkly gold and silver....to open and connect the pineal and pituitary glands in the crown and third eye centers, for the enhancement of the receiving, integrating and understanding of the Universal messages of love and healing, on levels deep and profound, for healing and expansion of our soul's on the journey of life."

We are One Voice~One Heart


The Dance of Life

Seeking freedom, take a chance
Flow with love, into the dance.
Rainbow light, in sky above,
Draw it to your heart in love.
Sunlight's warmth creates the space,
Open now to Heaven's Grace.

Dancing in life's sacred glow,
The light of God flows through your soul.
Embracing life and all its moods
The flow within is gratitude!

Lynne Newman
October 23, 2004

We are One Voice~One Heart


Is This Where I Find God?

Humanity is crying for comfort,
as the energy around us accelerates,
and our internal systems speed up,
to match the pace, beat for beat.
And we cry, "Is this where I find God?"

One by one, the fears surface to be healed,
and we seek comfort
..in food, shopping, smoking,
..in any action that temporarily calms the fear.
And still we cry out, "Is this where I find God?"

And in the seeking we cry, again and again,
and we shop more, eat more, watch t.v. more,
search for God in books and bucks,
until numbness sets in; oblivion!
And we continue to ask, "Is this where I find God?

And then, the longing begins in earnest,
and our seeking takes on a different essence,
and we connect with loved ones, with nature,
with all living things, who are also asking,
"Is this where I find God?"

And, one day, the seeking intensifies,
as we get quiet and listen,
and a glimmer of understanding occurs,
as we go within instead of out
in our seeking of God.

And the wailing, the keening for God is poignant,
heart-opening, exquisite, as we come to understand,
the intensity of the God within
and in gratitude, cry out, "God, I have found You!"
"Deep within my heart, God; this is where I find You!"

Lynne Newman
May 19, 2005

We are One Voice~One Heart



Images flowed in the dark night,
of humanity, of all living things,
and of the purging and clearing
now taking place on multidimensional levels.

Pictures, flowing, faster now,
revealing the deep well of experiences
and the roads humanity has taken
in the journey and the evolution of souls.

The energy vibration quickens and
the alchemist appears, tending, mixing,
blending the experiences of souls
into patterns now unfolding.

From pain and suffering flows compassion,
bitterness transformed to sweet forgiveness,
darkness now transformed to light,
and the potency of love expands the space of heart.

Old hurts and wounds now washed away by healing grace;
pain replaced by hope and inspiration;
judgment transmuted deep within the well
as we face our shadows and love them into healing.

Fear no longer rules!

The Alchemist aligns more deeply now with God,
the bubbling brew of transformation,
enlightens the once murky shadows in sparkling light,
as hearts open to remember their missions of love.

Lynne Newman

We are One Voice~One Heart



We've been waiting for your coming
and created healing space,
while we imagined our world,
as a free and loving place.

The angels hold you gently,
as you take your place on earth,
and your rainbow aura glows,
as we celebrate your birth.

Your presence here, so welcome,
your wisdom so profound;
you've come to share your message.
In joy, we gather 'round.

May you feel the holy Presence
of God's angels by your side.
May you feel accepted,
and no longer need to hide.

May we free ourselves from judgment,
May our hearts be opened wide,
and may the peace and love you bring to Earth,
become our way of life!

Welcome little ones - you are so loved.

Lynne Newman

We are One Voice~One Heart


SpiritHeart Lynne UFO

of the

I don't believe
I've fully understood
the enormity of
what is next to transpire.

A mission of First Contact,
creating a space
where fear cannot exist
and love prevails!

Deep within there is
an expectancy
of longed for reunions
and tender reconnections.

Across the rainbow bridge,
awash in colorful light
you'll come
within the sweet flow of love.

I sat out under the sky late last night,
and whispered a prayer
that you might come
in safety, in welcome, in joy!

Tears gather in my eyes
as I contemplate the intensity
of your vibration and the
awakening of love for all!

Beloved sisters and brothers
of light and healing,
my heart and soul are awed
with the love I feel for you.

I bow down to you, God,
in deep gratitude, in thanksgiving,
and in awe as First Contact opens the door
to healing grace through love.

Deep love and many blessings,

Your sister Ara-sha Leah
aka Rainbow Dancer

Writings Copyright © , Lynne Newman