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About Rainbow Dancer

Lynne Newman - Rainbow Dancer

I am Lynne Newman, a woman in her sixties, who has been on a lifelong spiritual journey that has led me to this wonderful place.

I now do only what my heart and soul tell me to do; it is no longer acceptable to do "what I have to do" simply to please others.

Life used to be dark.....depression, rage and self-doubt controlled my days. I could not see the colors of the world.

In the last 25 years, my life has changed as much as any life could: I got divorced,  dealt with childhood abuse issues, completed my AAS, a BA in counseling and Master's degrees in Humanistic Psychology/Counseling.

I am a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, and have received training in Thought Field Therapy, another energy-based healing modality.

I volunteered as an advocate for rape, incest and domestic violence survivors for over five years, running support groups and going to the hospital with survivors to support them through the grueling examination procedure. 

I've coordinated a two-day conference for survivors and professionals, where I facilitated a Survivor's Speakout Against Incest and Sexual Abuse.

Health Journeys - Song of the the Soul by Lynne Newman

In 1997, I opened my private counseling and healing practice, where I specialize in Women's Issues, Spiritual Counseling, Channeling, Reiki, and other energy healing techniques, and Guided Imagery/Visualization, to offer guidance and to help people heal from emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical pain.

I teach classes in energy healing, spiritual development, and facilitate a women's Circle of Light Healing and Meditation group.

I feel that this is my life's work ... it's where my heart is. In 2002, I took a "leap of faith" and quit my full-time job to do what I love as a full-time practice.

My dream of creating a healing center called Spirit Heart has come true.

I'm also a proud mother of two adult sons, daughters-in-law, and five grandchildren, each of them with unique talents, each of them doing their own part to create a better world.

They have enriched my life and taught me the depth of mother-love. My life is better because they are in it! My five beautiful grandchildren have further opened my heart.

I am a poet, and love writing and sharing them. I spend as much time as possible outdoors, and delight in the way the sun sparkles on the water, the roar of the ocean, the autumn leaves against a bright blue sky, and the way the wind blows through my hair.

Have you ever sat for a few hours and watched a water lily go from closed-tight bud to fully opened blossom? Have you seen its golden-heart center, and rejoiced in that unfolding?

Have you opened your heart to the possibilities of forgiveness, abundance, freedom, and joy that are there for you?

My joy would be to accompany you on your journey.

Open Heart Poem - Lynne Newman - Rainbow Dancer
Open Heart

Soft pink blossoms, floating on the murky pond,
Petals tightly closed against the morning chill:
Sun rises, and I watch, with wonder,
Your unfolding in the golden light.

Petals, now outstretched, curve softly
toward the sky,
Poised like the loving hands of God,
Cradling my now-open heart,
In palms of sea-shell pink.

~ Lynne Newman


Beloved One, in humbled awe,
I come before you now.
With tender heart, I'm blessed...
And now, to you I vow.

To stand before you open,
Stay vulnerable, this day;
With love ablaze inside my heart,
I let ego slip away.

In loving adoration,
I'm brought to my knees,
Responding to your mighty call,
I stand in mountain breeze.

Mother/Father God, I pray,
in naked, humbled space,
Your love has brought me to my knees,
in this holy place.

Responding to your love for me,
I kneel here on the ground,
My forehead on the earth below,
Our hearts beat rhythmic sounds.

Oh, God, I recommit myself
in service to the world,
As one by one the images,
deep within me swirl.

We created a powerful contract,
God, You and I,
And in the glory of your Light
My heart remembers why.

To you, Oh, God, this day I pledge,
to let my heart love free,
to give this love in service,
as you've so given love to me.

You lift me now from hallowed ground;
I stand, touched by Your Grace.
I feel the flow of loving Light,
On my upturned face.

As Your Light flows deep within me,
and kindles light with in my soul,
I know the gift of Spirit Heart,
As the gifts within unfold.

In love, I come before you,
In gratitude, I pray.
For Spirit Heart awakened,
in love and joy this day.

Lynne Newman

SpiritHeart Awakens Poem - Lynne Newman - Rainbow Dancer
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